Dr Chambers, D.C.

“Keri has personally redefined my belief of what a massage therapist can do for the well-being of her clients. Having seen Keri for over a year now, she has come through for me time-and-again when I've needed her most, by: bringing a deep state of relaxation to my body during times of stress; helping me clear drainage during allergy season, allowing me to breathe while relieving sinus pressure; and, most recently, working her magic to speed up my recovery from a seasonal stomach bug I had been fighting off. All of these feats, amazing in their own right, are but a small, selective sample of Keri's gifts.

As a chiropractor, I've co-treated with Keri and personally seen many of her miracles, witnessing the extent of her care in each and every relaxed muscle fiber--requiring less need for chiropractic care thanks to her work. Ever studious, Keri is always learning new ways of helping others, all in the name of providing her clients with the best possible care she can give. From lympathic drainage to craniosacral work, to conventional massage and Jin Shin Jyutsu, Keri matches her skills to the client's needs in a thoughtful, nurturing, and intuitive manner. I recommend her to all of my patients and will continue to use her services for my own needs for years to come." 


"The difference Keri has made in my life is unparalleled.  I have been seeing Keri for over ten years and am extremely pleased with the results I have received. She has given me relief through out the years from anxiety, stress, and tension. The unique techniques Keri uses and incorporates into her sessions gives my body the deep healing it needs and deserves. I would be completely lost without her!"


“I have had many massages from many different massage therapists—but Keri is in a very unique class all her own.  I have told her she is truly a healer—using all the different techniques that she specializes in:  craniosacral, lymphatic draining, energy and body work, cupping, etc.  She has helped me deal with stress and anxiety, and her methods have given me peace and calmness and a sense of well-being.  I don’t know where on earth I would be without Keri’s healing art in my life.” 


"Keri has truly been given a gift. Not only can she sense what your relaxation needs are, she has gone the extra mile to receive the best training so that she is able to listen to your body & find out what it needs. She provides an over all body wellness that cannot be matched!"


"I thought I would be missing out on the relaxation and benefits of a massage by trying a different modality. I was shocked at how incredible I felt after craniosacral. Not only physically, but mentally. Much to my surprise, I not only felt as relaxed as I do with massage, my spirits and general health improved!

Keri is one in a million. She goes to great lengths to learn different techniques to help us thrive. Craniosacral is my favorite! I am thrilled to have found her!

I've been seeing her for several years and cannot say enough about her wisdom and knowledge. She has, without a doubt, changed my life!"