Most people are familiar with the idea of a massage, but many probably don’t realize that it’s not only about relaxation. Therapeutic massage focuses on releasing muscle tension due to everyday stress or even an injury. Many people live with pain and don’t realize that it’s often treatable without the use of medication or invasive procedures. It also prevents injuries by keeping us limber and releasing tension on muscle attachment sights and tendons.

So whether you are an athlete or someone who sits at a desk all day, the benefits are substantial. Many modalities fall under the category of therapeutic massage such as, “Deep Tissue Massage", “Neuromuscular Education”, “Trigger Point Therapy” and so on. Every part of your session is customized to fit your needs. You may need a certain technique on one area and a completely different technique somewhere else, and that’s ok. Your massage is all about you and releasing those uncomfortable areas of tension and pain.