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The most precious thing I can offer anyone is a quiet, safe space to feel connected to your own body and soul. Vibrational singing bowls are an incredible tool for this. They have a very soft sound and were specifically created to be placed on the body. When activated, the gentle rhythm and vibration communicates with your entire being and lulls your nervous system into a deep state of relaxation.

I love to incorporate these bowls with other healing modalities. When you are relaxed we are able to take your sessions to a much deeper level. Our goal is to put your mind and body at ease so your peaceful calm stays with you long after you leave the session. Often, people report having less pain and anxiety. Whether you want to combine bowls with other modalities or use them for your entire session, you will be sure to be pleased. This technique is very unique and an experience you'll definitely want to try.

The massage room also has a giant grounding bowl. You can actually stand in this one and when played, you can feel the vibrations through your feet and up into your body. This is a quick and easy way to calm nerves and quiet an over active mind. Feeling this bowl is amazing and I'm happy to either begin or end your session with this experience.