"She stood in the storm... and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails."   - Elizabeth Edwards

People often seek out yoga because they feel broken either physically, emotionally or spiritually... Maybe even a combination of all three. And what we find through yoga is a way to "adjust our sails". This is a beautiful practice that brings you on a journey inward. You grow in strength and flexibility both inside and out. My style of teaching includes a gentle flow with an emphasis on yin yoga. This means that much of it is floor work focusing on breath and stretching. This style is great for joint health, moving energy and relaxing the nervous system. Props and therapeutic singing bowls can be used to create a relaxing and healing environment.

Because of my Thai massage experience, your lesson can be truly unique. I love to include a little massage and passive stretching for the student so she can find her deepest rest.

Yoga can be incorporated into any session in the privacy of the massage room. This can be especially beneficial for people with high anxiety so they can unwind and center before getting on the table for bodywork. This is also a great way to begin for people who suffer from chronic pain or for anyone who is interested in this ancient practice. As with all sessions, your appointment is customized to fit your specific desires and needs. The time allotted for yoga can be anywhere from a few minute prelude to bodywork, to a full hour lesson. Some group lessons may also be available. If yoga is something you're interested in, I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Discovering your strength is a beautiful thing....